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Intellectual Property Rights & Business for SMEs and Startups (September 04-06, 2019)

Intellectual Property Rights & Business for SMEs and Startups (September 04-06, 2019)

The training entitled ‘Intellectual Property Rights & Business for SMEs and Startups,” (September 04-06, 2019) was conducted in order to create awareness of business implications of different types of Intellectual Property Rights. The training aimed at introducing participants about creation, innovation, protection, commercialization and enforcement of IP rights.


The programme agenda included:

  1. Fundamentals of IPR & Indian Patent System
  2. Introduction to Copyright Act & its Business Implications
  3. Business Implications of Industrial Designs, Trademark & Trade Secrets
  4. Prior-Art Searches For Patent & Trademarks
  5. Chemical Structure & Gene Sequence Search
  6. IPR & Business Strategies for SMEs and Startups
  7. IP Auditing & Licensing of Intellectual Property: A Vital Component of the Business Strategy for SMEs and Startups

Resource Persons

The lectures and practical sessions of the training were taken by the law firm partners, staff of organizations like Evalueserve and KPMG. The list of resource persons included eminent experts from IP field that is:

  1. Neeru Bhooshan, Incharge and Principal Scientist, ZTM-BPD Unit, IARI
  2. Rajneesh Kumar, Chief Operating Officer, ZTM-BPD Unit, IARI
  3. Omesh Puri, Partner, Lexorbis
  4. Khushwant Singh, Manager, Evalueserve IP and R&D Solutions,
  5. Kunal Bhalla, Manager, Life Science Division (Biotechnology), Evalueserve
  6. Sumantra Mukherjee, Director, Innovation and Intellectual Property Advisory, KPMG
  7. Garima Singhal, IP Executive, ZTM-BPD Unit, IARI
  8. Swarna Srivastava, Research Associate, ZTM-BPD Unit, IARI
  9. Naveen Kumar, IP Executive, ZTM-BPD Unit, IARI


The training witnessed eight participants from industry, academia, and entrepreneurs from various locations of India which enthusiastically got acquainted to business implications of Intellectual Property.

Training Description

Day 1: Mr. Rajneesh Kumar, COO, Pusa Krishi Incubator, ZTM & BPD unit, IARI. Gave introductory session on Intellectual Property Rights and various chain activities related to intellectual property (IP) with detailed emphasis on creation, innovation, protection, commercialization and enforcement. He explained about the best practices for IP Management particularly for SMEs and Startups.

Mr. Omesh Puri, Partner, Lexorbis talked over “Introduction to Copyright Act & its Business Implications.” He explicated about derivative works, fair use and introduced participants to Indian Copyright Act, 1957. He also familiarized about moral rights, economic rights, related rights, copyright infringement, remedies and piracy, and registration of copyright in India. He also explained “Business Implications of Industrial Designs, Trademark & Trade Secrets.”

Day 2:  Ms. Swarna Srivastava and Ms. Garima Singhal of IP Cell, ZTM & BPD Unit explained ‘Prior-Art Searches For Patent & Trademarks’ followed by prior-art searching exercises. It was a practical session to give hands on experience to the participants on free databases such as Google Patents, INPASS, USPTO, Espacenet, Patentscope and Patent lens.

Mr. Khushwant Singh & Mr. Kunal Bhalla from Evalueserve demonstrated Chemical Structure Search and Gene Sequence Search respectively. The concept of markush search was illustrated on databases such as STN and Questel Orbit. Gene sequence search, nucleic acids and amino acids search on various databases like Patent Lens and NCBI was explained.

Day 3: Mr. Sumantra Mukherjee, Director, KPMG, described “IP Valuation.” He explained about the analysis of intangible assets, market research & internal data collation and valuation report.

The training concluded with vote of thanks to the resource persons and IPFC team, followed by certificate distribution to the participants. 


In the feedback received, they agreed that the training objectives were met and participant interactions with the resource persons were encouraging and the knowledge received by them will help them. They further suggested organizing the future trainings for a longer duration as it will be more informative to the participants and they will gain more knowledge.


The training received overwhelming response from the participants and its sessions were found to be informative by the participants.

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