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Copyright is granted for original expression(arrangement) of thoughts in some tangible format. Like Patent, Copyright is also a negative right which prohibits other than the copyright owner to make copies of the copyrighted work without the permission of the copyright owner. The original expression could be in literary, dramatic, artistic and musical works. Work under these four categories includes books and literature, films including documentary films, advertisements, broadcasting, painting, sculpture, drawings, photographs, work of architecture, computer programs, computer generated compilations, tables etc.

There are two kinds of rights under copyright; economic right and moral right. The economic rights are transferable rights and the moral rights are non-transferable rights. Both kinds of rights are born together and implicit even without registration. Once registered the economic right lasts with the copyright term but moral right subsists till the work subsists. An author may transfer economic rights in his work to a publisher or producer or broadcaster for the consideration of royalty to permit him to publish or disseminate his work but the publisher secures rights only to publish his work but not to replace or strike down the author’s name. Once registered the creator holds the first copyright.

Therefore the creator has been bestowed with the longest copyright term i.e., life of the author plus sixty years after death.

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*These forms have been taken from Indian Patent Office website www.ipindia.nic.in. They are published here for wider dissemination and should be used judiciously with the expert advice.

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