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Industrial Designs

Beauty always appeals to eyes. Appealing designs of goods play a major role in making decisions for buying those goods. Industrial Design tool is for products. It is for aesthetic satisfaction as it is an element of appearance. Any design on any article means features of shape, configuration, pattern, ornament or composition of lines or colors whether in two dimensions or three dimensions. These are the designs that are incorporated into mass produced products with the aim to attract the prospective customers by sheer appearance. The object of design is distinctive feature of the goods on which it is applied. In most of the mass produced products distinctive design features enables the customers to pin point them in the heard of similar or substantially same products.

The condition for registration of an industrial design is that it should be new and original, has not been disclosed to public prior to the application date and it should be significantly distinct from the known designs.

The process of securing registration of industrial design starts with filing an application. The application is examined by the industrial design registry on the basis of the data available with them. If they found something same or similar, the objection is raised on the application and the applicant has to reply accordingly. The term of industrial design is ten years which may be extended to five more years.

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